Eastern Fly Fishing

Etowah River, GA

By Nick Carter

No matter what region of the country you travel to to fish, there are marquee waters that draw crowds by virtue of reputation. Generally that reputation is warranted. These are the destination...

Posted by Ann Sweeney — August 18, 2016

Dukes Creek, GA

By Beau Beasley

My fly hit the back end of the pool, where I’d hoped it would, and even I was a bit surprised by my accuracy. I thought for sure I’d hang it up in the heavy rhododendrons, which seemed to flank...

Posted by Glen Martin — April 21, 2016

Casco Bay, ME

By King Montgomery

Our guide leans a bit forward as he stops poling the shallow-draft flats boat—yes, the same kind of craft you see in the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Belize—and points the long pole a little to...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 19, 2016

Paradise Waits

By Brett Wedeking

My legs creaked as I crawled out of the van after a long, bumpy ride from San José. My toes hit soft sand and I immediately found a straw-equipped coconut in my hand. I turned around and...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 22, 2015

Yellow Breeches Creek, PA

By John Hoffman

“The Breeches,” as it is affectionately known by locals, holds a special place in my heart and mind—most notably because it was the first Pennsylvania limestone stream I fished. And through the years...

Posted by Glen Martin — October 27, 2015

Gunflint Trail, MN

By Jonathan Hill

How do you fish 11,842 lakes? Or 6,564 rivers, for that matter? And what’s the best way to traverse an area that has more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined? Well, you explore it one...

Posted by Glen Martin — August 16, 2015

Watauga River, TN

By Bill R. Chiles

Big spots, coal black and crimson red, splattered over a honey-golden flank, glowing through diamond water. Fall’s confetti flickering in a chilly breeze, ceremoniously adorning a parading drift boat in...

Posted by Glen Martin — June 21, 2015

Mosquito Lagoon, FL

By E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

It may have been springtime on Florida’s Atlantic coast, but I was freezing my butt off. A sad fact but true: the months when visiting anglers from the north need a break from winter most desperately...

Posted by Glen Martin — April 15, 2015

Savannah, GA

By Jason Stemple

Living and fishing out of Charleston, South Carolina, for more than a decade, I had long itched to fish our sister city of sorts, nearby Savannah, Georgia. The two historic port cities share a common history...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 23, 2015

Broad River, GA

By Nick Carter

We’ve all heard it, and most of have said it: “I just enjoy being out experiencing the outdoors. It really doesn’t matter if I catch anything or not.” Baloney! The only ones among us who can use that...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 19, 2014