Eastern Fly Fishing

Savannah, GA

By Jason Stemple

Living and fishing out of Charleston, South Carolina, for more than a decade, I had long itched to fish our sister city of sorts, nearby Savannah, Georgia. The two historic port cities share a common history...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 23, 2015

Broad River, GA

By Nick Carter

We’ve all heard it, and most of have said it: “I just enjoy being out experiencing the outdoors. It really doesn’t matter if I catch anything or not.” Baloney! The only ones among us who can use that...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 19, 2014

Rush River, WI

By Jeff Erickson

Considering the predominance of bad environmental news, it’s critical to acknowledge uplifting stories, the ones that don’t necessarily shine as brightly as theater marquees. Among the most positive...

Posted by Glen Martin — October 29, 2014

Conodoguinet Creek, PA

By John Hoffman

“You just never know what you might hook into,” my friend and fellow angler Brian Judge says to me as we don our waders and rig our rods for an afternoon on Pennsylvania’s Conodoguinet Creek.

Posted by Glen Martin — August 25, 2014

Bonaventure River, Quebec

Pools and Pools of Salmon 

After feeling the Ghost Stonefly’s nip and trying to dislodge it with three thrilling leaps, the 12-pound silver swimmer headed back to the salt.

Posted by Glen Martin — March 29, 2014